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Randell Jones is the author of the award-winning 2005 book, In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone, and the award-winning companion DVD, On the Trail of Daniel Boone. His 2011 release, Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain, also received a Willie Parker Peace History Book Award.

He is a member of the Road Scholars Speakers Bureau of the North Carolina Humanities Council.

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"Trailing Daniel Boone" by Randell Jones

One hundred years ago, the Daughters of the American Revolution left for us all a legacy of patriotic commemoration
Daniel Boone's Trail.

"In The Footsteps Of Daniel Boone"
by Randell Jones

In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone tells the life story of America's pioneer hero by putting his life on the landscape, taking you to 85 sites spread across 11 states where his life is commemorated with markers, monuments, plaques, historic homes and replica forts. It tells the episodes and adventures of his life that unfolded at each site and knits it together to give you the full sweep of his amazing life which reached across 86 years. This award-winning book is complemented by the awarding-winning DVD, On the Trail of Daniel Boone, which takes you on the tour to all 85 sites from the comfort of your home, sharing the adventure with you through over 800 color images and 80 minutes of music and narration.

Before they were heroes

Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain
by Randell Jones

This book tells the  remarkable story of the American Revolution in the South by putting the story on the landscape, taking the reader to scores of sites across the region where these events are commemorated.


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The American Spirit, 1780
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American Spirit

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